Why Choose Us

Each piggybank cloud member gets access to a full range of features and benefits, check out some of our key features below.

Unique Cloud Customer Portal

A well presented Customer Portal with a logical layout. Time Saving & Easy to use.


Preconfigured VPN Access

Test your Cloud Solution before it goes live. Have secure access using the built in IPsec VPN.


Raise and manage your support queries all in the same portal. Simple and easy to use.

PayPal top-up

We only accept PayPal meaning you can top-up securely and with ease. Top-up when you your balance is running low.

Simple Billing

Low cost Pay as You Go billing means you only pay for what you use. You are only billed for when your machine is powered on.

Console Access

Always have secure access to your Virtual Machines at a click of a button. Virtual Machine console accessible from within your customer portal.

Modular networking

We keep our networking separate to our virtual servers. Create and manage Private, Public IPv4 & IPv6 networks to attach to your servers.


Enable two factor authentication to secure access to your cloud portal using Google authenticator.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We aim to provide great service to you and continue to improve your experience by adding more features.

feature_1Low cost cloud
feature_2We listen to our users
feature_3Constantly expanding

Operating systems

All Piggybank Cloud users have access to a library of operating systems. You can also recommend an operating system and we will make it available.

Simple PAYG pricing

Pricing is simple, you pay for the cloud compute resource you have running, if it's not running you don't get charged. use the slider to view pricing. To find out how our pricing is calculated click more info


Use the slider to see how much a virtual server would cost. The price per month and price per hour will be shown.

Cpu Core/s 1
Ram (GB) 1
Storage (GB) 10

Per Hour

1 CPU £0.0005

@ £0.0005 per hour

1 GB RAM £0.0010

@ £0.0001 per hour

10 GB Storage £0.0002

@ £0.00002 per hour


Per Month

1 CPU £0.3360

@ £0.0005 per hour

1 GB RAM £0.6720

@ £0.0001 per hour

10 GB Storage £0.1344

@ £0.00002 per hour


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