We are a self-funded cloud company with a passion for growth.

We are a small company and a small team who have setup Piggybank Cloud to offer cloud computing services to end users.

Myself (David Brierley) and my colleague David Jones are the founders, creators and developers of Piggybank Cloud. We wanted to set a platform up where we could create virtual servers with ease and manage them from one portal. We have tried several providers in the past, but they all lacked certain features and/or were too expensive.
We have always loved Linux and its community so naturally we were setting up servers to test things out.
Our background is networking and security and we both hold certifications from a variety of vendors. One of the main things with vendor certifications is you need to create Lab’s. We started up GNS3 and soon realised we could create a GNS3 server. We needed something we could just power on when we wanted to use it. The issue was when we didn’t use it we still had to pay.
That’s when we got this idea and started developing this platform.
Piggybank cloud has gone through some major changes and was first a concept in 2018, it is now ready, fully tested and live for people to use it.
We believe this platform offers a good solution for customers and we would like to grow the platform and add more features.
We have a forum setup https://forum.piggybank.cloud where users can request new features or ideas, feedback is key for us. One major benefit is we aren’t just another VPS company. We have designed, installed configured, programmed and tweaked our equipment to offer this service. It has room to expand and any feedback we get along the way is a bonus.
If you have any feedback or any questions please do contact us either by using our forum, sending us an email support@piggybank.cloud or using one of the contact forms. We will get back to you and if you wish to be involved in this project please also do get in touch.
Most of this platform has been created using opensource products and software.
Our backend systems are all installed on our cloud and any project we have used or benefited from is shown below

Our Team

We are the founder's, creators and developer's of Piggybank cloud

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