Our Main Features

This is a full list of the features, advantages and benifits we offer. We aim to add additional features, contact us if you have any requests or ideas.


Low cost Pay as You Go billing means you only pay for what you use. You are only billed for when your server is powered on.
Saving you money. Ideal for testing, learning Linux or implementing a temporary solution. Need a device to run 24/7? Piggybank’s low cost PAYG solution means that the monthly bills will be manageable.

Unlimited Virtual server's

Deploy as many or as little Virtual servers / appliances as you wish.
Design and build a Cloud Solution to suite your individual needs without any added expense

Unique Cloud Customer Portal

Well presented Customer Portal with a logical layout.
Time Saving & Easy to use.

Virtual Server VNC Console

Always have secure access to your Virtual Machines at a click of a button. Our password protected VNC console is secure and easy to use.
This ensures that you have access to your Virtual Machines if something goes wrong.

Network features

These are the networking features we provide. We keep networking and virtual servers separate meaning you can define networks without creating a server.

VXLAN Network

Define your own IP RFC1918 (Private Network) scheme. Simply attach the Network Interface Card (NIC) to your Virtual Machines and configure the IP addresses on the Virtual Machine. The VXLAN is a Layer 2 meaning that any machine with the same NIC will be in the same layer 2 broadcast domain.
Unrestricted Network design to fit in with an existing project or your organisations Private Network.

Public IPV4 Network

Configure your Virtual Machines or Firewall with a Public IP address.
Your Virtual Machines will be accessible from the internet. Deploying a public IP on a firewall means that you can control external access to your Virtual Machines.

Public IPv6 Network

Configure your Virtual Machines with a Public IPv6 address.
Future ready and IPV6 compatible Virtual Machines. Good for testing and getting ready for the next generation of IP addressing.

Development Network with Preconfigured VPN Access

Test your Cloud Solution before it goes live. Have secure access using the built in VPN solution.
Launch your Live Cloud Solution knowing that it is going to work as intended. Develop your Cloud solution over a secure connection, ensuring your information is safe.

More features

We also offer a number of other features such as a forum where you can get support and our blog where we add how to guides.

Paypal Topup

Topup your account easily and securely - No Credit card details needed. You choose an amount to topup and your balance is updated automatically.

Operating systems

We offer a wide variety of popular operating system's and pre-configured appliances. We don't charge anything extra for one click app's and we will add operating system's if you request one to be available.


Access a multitude of Linux guides.
If you are new to the world of Linux or are trying to implement a solution – you can access Piggybanks Blog for inspiration or support. If you cannot find an answer, please do not hesitate to contact us and will attempt to find an answer for you.


Need Help? The forum is where we guide you through the use of your Piggybank Customer Portal.
Although the Piggybank Cloud Customer Portal is designed to be easy to use. We have attempted to ensure that using Piggybank Cloud is seamless and user friendly as possible by adding a support section. If you require any support please do not hesitate to contact us.