PAYG Pricing

Our PAYG pricing is simple. you pay for the resource you use. By resource we mean Compute resource (CPU, RAM & Storage). if you don't use it (It's powered off) then you don't pay.

When am I billed?

Billing is calculated hourly, each hour the total is calculated for that hour and deducted from your available balance.

What if I don't have anough funds availiable?

If you don’t have enough funds your balance will go into negative. A warning will be put next to your account and you will receive an email (one email per day). Your Virtual Servers will continue to function but if after 5 days you still have a negative balance your Virtual Servers will be deleted.

How can I topup my balance?

Paypal … this is the only payment method we use, you enter an amount, hit topup and you will be re-directed to Paypal to complete the payment. We use Paypal’s API, when the payment has been completed on Paypal’s side (Usually instantly) they communicate back with our system and your available balance will be updated.

Is my billing logged?

Your billing is all logged on our systems, meaning we can provide you details of the bills in your portal. Within the portal you will see a billing notification log detailing how much has been deducted and your new balance, furthermore you can view a full billing log detailing the compute hours used and how much each CPU, RAM and Storage item is costing you.

Do you provide billing graphs / charts?

Within the portal there are numerous graphs, charts and tables detailing your cloud cost for the day, the month and the last 12 months. If you think any more graphs are needed, please send us a request and we will look at implementing these.

Additional Extras

ou can add additional extras to your cloud. Additional extras are billed monthly and the first month's payment is taken from the day it is acquired. Check out our list of additional extras and the associated costs.

Public IPv4 - £1.50 P/M

Each public IPv4 network provide unrestricted internet access. Attach this network to your virtual server’s or virtual firewall’s.

We charge £1.50 per month for each IPv4 public mainly due to the amount it costs us to acquire. IPv4 is a finite resource and IPv6 addresses are free on Piggybank cloud.

VXLAN - £0.99 P/M

VXLAN networks can be used to provide layer 2 between devices. Meaning you can connect 2 virtual servers together and manage your own IP addressing.
A VXLAN network provides almost infinite private addresses. If you create a VXLAN network and attach it to your Virtual firewall and your virtual servers you can manage your own IP addressing and use the firewall to provide your Natting.

SNMP Monitoring - £0.25 P/M

Add your virtual server to your NMS. Each user gets access to our NMS (Network management system) which allows you to add servers to be monitored via SNMP. SNMP provides information for the NMS to graph and provide stats for your devices.